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2015/04/23: Shop Rate Increase May 1, 2015 -- Our shop rate will increase to $79.00 per man hour on May 1, 2015. To continue providing our customers with excepti...

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Trade-In, Trade-Up And Recycle

Time to Recycle Your Trailer?


Trailerman offers three ways to recycle your old utility, RV or commercial trailer:

    • Consign:  No longer available.
    • Trade-In:  Good used trailers accepted as trade-in on the purchase of all new Trailerman built Trailers.  Value is based on current market and condition of your trailer at time of trade-in. 
    • Recycle:  UPDATE - due to the cost of labour and tipping fees we now must charge for recycling all trailers having wood, plastic or fiberglass as a construction material.

Only empty (not loaded with trash) trailers delivered, free of charge, to our yard are accepted. We now charge for trailers being recycled.  The fee is based on construction materials used in the trailer.  Old RV trailers will range from $100.00 up depending on size, etc.

      • All trailers are recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 
      • Reusable items are removed and stored for resale at discounted prices. 
      • All materials accepted for recycling are recycled including but not limited to:
        • steel,
        • aluminium,
        • copper
        • and some plastics. 
      • Organics including wood are composted or diverted to other uses.
      • only minimal items reach the land fill.  

 If you know of a charity that would like to actively assist in the recycling and therefore benefit from any proceeds, please have them contact us to explore the opportunity.

The trailer shown is a fine example of early trailer design making use of vehicle parts and wood.  Located east of Vancouver, BC, it is currently a lawn ornament which I suspect will be restored in the near future.  The picture was taken by TheTrailerman. 

Not many of these early trailers have survived the scrap yard.  If you happen upon an early trailer in a farm yard, or by the wayside, or for that matter, any devise used to increase the carrying capacity of man, beast or vehicle, take a picture and please send it to .  Include any history you can gather, the location, owners information (if you can get it), your name, etc. and written authorization to use your picture (sorry no royalties paid).  If authorization is not given in writing (scan and send as jpg, etc.) we can not and will not use the picture on our web site.

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