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2015/04/23: Shop Rate Increase May 1, 2015 -- Our shop rate will increase to $79.00 per man hour on May 1, 2015. To continue providing our customers with excepti...

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2015/04/23: Shop Rate Increase May 1, 2015 -- Our shop rate will increase to $79.00 per man hour on May 1, 2015. To continue providing our customers with exceptional service and quality products our shop rate must reflect the rise in labour and facilities costs.

2015/01/22: Price changes effective Feb 1, 2015 -- Dear Valued Customer: Most of our prices have remained the same or have had minor fluctuations over the past 5 years. The Canadian Dollar fluctuation and supplier price increases have forced us to re-evaluate our pricing on all trailers, parts and labour. As of February 1, 2015 most prices will increase by 3 to 5% to reflect the increase in costs of supplying our services to you. This is not an arbitrary increase and will only affect items as old stock is depleted and current trailer orders are filled. All orders placed after January 31, 2015 will be at the new price. Regardless of these increases you are assured of our great service and unsurpassed quality products. Regards, Ted Koemsted, President. Trailerman Trailers Limited.

2014/12/17: Happy Holidays -- We will be closed December 24th @ noon through December 28th. Closed December 31st @ noon All of us at The Trailerman wish you and your loved ones a very safe and happy holiday season.

2014/09/23: Boating Season Over? -- Are you parking your boat for the season? Don't forget the trailer - repack wheel bearings, lube braking system parts and check wiring. Do it now to ensure you are ready for the next season. A little maintenance now will save you time and money!

2014/07/05: BC to get tough on LEFT LANERS! -- Regardless of your speed, on roads posted at 60 km (40 mph) or greater it is BEST PRACTICE to always drive in the right lane - use the LEFT lane to pass or turn left only! Unless you are actually doing either process, there is NO valid EXCUSE or reason for driving in the left lane! This is extremely important when towing a trailer. The driver has greater visibility driving in the right lane then trying to us a mirror to see down the right side of the vehicle. Pull out and pass quickly, do not linger, pull back into the right lane immediately - do NOT require or give the opportunity to the person behind you to pass on your right. Driving in the left lane when you are NOT passing WILL get you a fine (NOT LARGE ENOUGH). It should be $500.00 fine the first time, $1,000.00 the second, $2,000.00 the third and so on. Besides it is the courteous thing to do.....! If you can not or will not pass quickly do NOT enter the left lane!

2014/07/05: Sales Flyers -- We match all local competitor sales flyer pricing on parts we stock. Get time proven Dexter brake and axle parts at the same sale price for off-shore parts. You must present the competitor flyer and their sale dates must be current. Sorry, no rain checks or special order items. Some conditions may apply.

2013/02/06: Gross Towing Weight -- Can you tow what the trailer is rated for? Maybe not! The maximum gross weight rating of any single component of a trailer or vehicle sets the MAXIMUM towing limit for the unit. For instance: A vehicle with a hitch rated at towing 5,000# pulling a trailer that is rated at 10,000# is limited to 5,000# gross (trailer weight plus load). Likewise, a trailer rated for 10,000# (two 5000# axles) has one tire on one axle rated for 2300# (vs 2540# on the other three) - this unit is limited to (2 x 2300 = 4600# per axle) 9,200# gross trailer weight. CHECK weight ratings (both towing and tongue) for the vehicle mounted trailer hitch; the receiver; the ball; the trailer coupler; each tire; each axle; each spring. Any single item, if under rated for the amount you are towing will net a fine and/or require the trailer to be towed at your expense.

2013/02/06: Travel Trailers -- The terms "travel trailers", "caravans", or "RV trailers" are used for the group of trailers ranging from the smallest tent trailer, tear drop trailer, featherlite trailer, lightweight trailers and toy haulers to the largest park model trailers and up to 53' fifth wheel trailers out fitted like castles on wheels. Designed to pack all the features. or as many as will fit, into the space available and the weight capacity of the axle(s). This form of trailer takes the term organization to the extreme resulting in trade-offs between weight, size and in most cases durability. Service your toy hauler, travel trailer, RV trailer or caravan regularly to ensure the best possible travel experience. Pay special attention to the frame, suspension, axles, tires and braking systems.

2009/08/05: Lillooet Naturalist Society -- The Lillooet Naturalist Society has ordered a trailer designed to facillitate displays and hands on activities. Acting as both transportation and storage this unit will have drawers on one side to house the activities, a 4' x 8' x 1' storage underneith for tables, etc. and a fold out display area on the other side. The trailer will be painted white so that local artists will have a canvas to create a display on the outside. Should luck and Murphy be on our side it may be ready for the upcoming event on August 22, 23 in Lillooet. (See pictures in the custom trailer section.)

2008/07/22: Metal Roofing Factory -- The 14,000# GTW trailer is built to meet the customers requirements. The enclosure has an I-beam running the length oif the trailer as part of the roof truss system. This allows a trolley/hoist to transfer the metal coils for processing and load equalization. Side barn doors allow loading the coils by forklift. The rear lift door provides access for processing and some shelter from the environment. See pictures of the unsheeted unit. It will be sheeted by the customer using the roofing profiles produced by the new extruder. (See pictures in the custom trailer section.)

2008/04/29: Hoist Loader and enclosed trailer -- Designed to hold rolls of wire, this trailer has barn doors, with side flip up (concession style) doors to access the front. The hoist is mounted on an I-Beam track that extends out the barn doors at least 24". The hoist and I-Beam slide forward to provide hoist access to the front section of the box. The hoist system is rated for 1,000# working load and has been tested for 2,000# maximum load. The wire spools rest on a removable rack that allows the wire to be spooled out. (See pictures in the custom trailer section.)

2008/03/15: Custom Fertilizer Spreader -- A trailer designed to carry a spreader that meters dry product to plants in a nursery setting. The trailer hydraulic cylinder raises the distribution system above the height of fixed watering systems and plants in the field. During transport the unit is lowered to reduce centre of gravity providing better stability. The actual spreader mechanism and blower assembly are powered by the tractor hydraulics for controlling the height (spreader) and width (arms) and the PTO powers the blower used to distribute the dry materials. Metering of the material is powered by the trailer wheel mounted hydraulic drive system - when the trailer is stopped no material is delivered to the distribution system. (See pictures in the custom trailer section.)

2008/01/25: 2008.01.18 - Prowler 2 delivered to IDMI -- The electrical, hydraulics and air brake systems are complete and tested. CVIS is dependent on a few small details that can only be done once the machine is mounted on the trailer. It was delivered and weighed. A slim 17,400 lbs. without the factory installed. (See pictures in the custom trailer section.)

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