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2018/07/03: Shop Labour Rate -- The current labour rate is $87.00 per man per hour plus parts and supplies. Taxes are extra!

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Contact Information       

Trailerman Trailers Limited

2337 Townline Road, Unit #1
Abbotsford, B.C.  V2T 6G1
Customer Service:   1-888-388-7888
Phone:     604-853-5262
Fax:        604-853-5298
E-Mail:      Email Us
Shop Manager:     Kris Koemsted
President:     Ted Koemsted

Hours of Operation:  

08:00 (8:00 am)  - 16:30 (4:30 pm) Monday to Friday

Saturday by appointment for pickup or drop off only.

Closed all stat holidays & a few of our own ... posted in Did You Know!

Emergency Only:    Ted at 604.916.7544 

Request for Quotation:

Only a written quotation on Trailerman letterhead stating QUOTE are valid quotations.  Then, only for the period stated on the quotation document.

Verbal or jotted notes on a piece of paper or business card are considered, at best, estimates only and subject to change without notice.


Agents, Companies, or Governments requesting quotes for products or services will be answered by FAX or EMAIL only (pdf format).  We do not submit paper copies for anyone!

All terms, conditions, or penalties in the request and submission documents must apply to all parties equally.  Anything not meeting this criteria will be deleted or altered prior to submission.  This does NOT mean we are bound to accept your order even with the changes!

Scammers and Unsolicited Marketing (same thing):

           Marketors:   If your product is that good I will find it, when I need it!

Anyone compiling lists of any type who add our phone numbers or email addresses without our written authorization, by doing so, violate our right of ownership.  We pay for these services to be used by our customers and chosen suppliers exclusively

Therefore, anyone soliciting (including charities) at the above numbers or addresses will be BILLED $100.00 for the first instance; each instance thereafter the charge will be doubled - 2nd = $200.00; 3rd = $400.00; 4th = $800.00 and so on.  Non-payment will result in your company/charity being sent to collections and reported to the credit bureau.


Don't bother trying.  Seen it, reported it.  Not likely to get what you want anyway.  By all means stop by, I have a baseball bat that needs tuning!


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